House Fire in West Bradford
By Photographer/Fire Police Officer Mark Walsh
June 19, 2017

On Monday June 19th during the late afternoon hours a strong line of thunderstorms began to cross through Chester County. Several dedicated members of the Thorndale Volunteer Fire Company were on station in case the storms caused any incidents in the area and it was a good thing they were there. At 17:28hrs as most of the fire companies from Southern Chester County were tied up on two different house fires a third one was dispatched this time in West Bradford.

On the dispatch were Stations 39 (West Bradford), 38 (Thorndale), 45 & 46 (Downingtown), 6 (West Whiteland), 49 (East Brandywine), 52 (Goodwill), 35 (Wagontown) and 44 (Westwood). This was somewhat of an unusual dispatch as normally some of these departments would not have been dispatched to this area but due to the other two fires going on in the county and certain units being tied up they had to be replaced with these companies.

Rescue 38 responded immediately and was the first fire apparatus on scene. The crew dropped a 5 inch line at the end of the driveway and then pulled and 1 3/4 handline to the house. As the crew from Rescue 38 began to make entry other apparatus began to arrive and assisted the crew with interior operations and with placing ground ladders around the exterior of the house. Crews were also in place to prepare to ventilate if needed. Crews had smoke in the residence and found a small fire in one of the rooms of the house. The fire was quickly extinguished and put under control. Chief 38 (Cordisco) had Command of the incident.

No injuries were reported to any firefighters or civilians. Crews did a fantastic job containing this fire in less then ideal conditions with a steady rain falling at the time of the incident. Crews remained on scene for a while ventilating the residence and cleaning up before returning to their stations.

Units: Rescue 38, Engine 38, Traffic 38, Chief 38
Mutual Aid: Engine 46-2, Air 46, Tower 45, Tanker 39, Engine 39-2, Engine 52, Engine 6, Ladder 49, Engine 49-5, Engine 35, Engine 44-5