Overturned Scrap Metal Truck Closes 322 for hours
By Photographer/Fire Police Officer Mark Walsh
July 26, 2017

On Wednesday July 26th shortly after 10am Thorndale Fire Company along with MICU 46 (Minquas) were dispatched to the 4900blk of Horseshoe Pike (322) for the auto accident involving an overturned tractor trailer. Rescue 38 and MICU 46 were the first to respond and were advised of a scrap metal truck that flipped onto it's side and dumped thousands of pounds of scrap onto the road. Two other vehicles were involved in the incident as well but luckily no one was injured and those vehicles were able to be quickly removed from the scene.

As the Rescue and MICU arrived on scene Caln Township Police requested Fire Police to shut down both sides of 322 between the 30 bypass ramps and Edges Mill Road. Traffic 38, Utility 38 and Squad 38 with Sign Board 38 all responded within minutes to assist with shutting down the roadway. Engine 38 also made the response to assist with the cleanup.

Shutting down a major roadway in the middle of the day is no easy task and took a coordinated effort between all the fire police involved. Traffic 38 set up at the intersection of 322 and Edges Mill, Utility 38 was positioned at 322 and the Westbound Off ramps from the bypass. We also had two Fire Police Officers who responded direct to the scene helping. One was at 322 and the Westbound Off Ramps while another was at 340 and Edges Mill Rd helping keep traffic moving on that side due to a large number of vehicles now having to take that way to get around the incident. While all of this was happening Squad 38 was going back and forth between all of the locations assisting with cone's and signs to warn motorists of the incident and assisted with running the traffic lights on 340 as well to move cars along a little quicker. Squad 38 also set up the sign board on 322 on the Edges Mill side a few hundred feet up from the incident to warn motorists of the accident and detour.

While Fire Police maintained the road closure the Firefighters stood by at the scene assisting with clean up and making sure that scene stayed safe. Crews from Penndot and Caln Township arrived with two front end loaders and began scooping up all of the scrap. Due to the damage to the trailer and it being on it's side two dumpsters from AJ Blosenski were brought to the scene and all the scrap was placed into those. Once all of the scrap was cleaned up it was now up to Fling's to remove the overturned trailer. Fortunately the cab of the truck remained upright after the accident but the frame had been bent severely and was still attached to the truck. Fling's Towing was able to use a saw and had a little help from the front end loader to free the trailer from the cab. Once that was done Fling's brought in their heavy duty rotator which was able to lift the trailer into the air while Fling's backed their Landoll 35 ton sliding axle trailer underneath of it. Once the trailer was secured to the truck and the rest of the debris was cleaned up crews were finally able to clear the scene.

As the Caln Township Police said this was a massive effort by a lot of different organizations but it got done and the roadway was open again after approx 3 1/2 hours. We would like to Thank all those involved in the clean up. Caln Police, Penndot, Caln Township, AJ Blosenski Inc., Flings Towing and anyone else we may have missed.

During the incident Thorndale Fire Company responded with all 5 pieces of apparatus and had the Engine available on scene in case of any other emergencies in town.

Units: Rescue 38, Engine 38, Traffic 38, Utility 38, Squad 38, Sign Board 38
Mutual Aid: MICU 46, Caln Police, Flings Towing, Penndot, Caln Township, AJ Blosenski Inc.
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