Thorndale Responds to Multiple Super Bowl Sunday Vehicle Accidents
By Photographer/Fire Police Officer Mark Walsh
February 4, 2018

On Sunday night as the Super Bowl was in it's final minutes and Philadelphia Eagles fans were all holding their breaths hoping the Eagles brought home their first ever Super Bowl trophy, Thorndale Volunteers were dispatched to it's first of approx. 7 vehicle accidents shortly after 10pm. Chief, Assistant, Deputy, Rescue and Traffic 38 all responded to the first vehicle accident that was reported at 274.3 Eastbound on the Bypass. Due to icing conditions a vehicle had spun out and was facing sideways on the roadway. While it was sitting there it was struck by another vehicle causing the driver of the original vehicle to become trapped.

Rescue 38 and Chief 38 arrived on scene and began to extricate the subject. EMS from Washington Hose Co. and Brandywine Paramedics were on scene as well. Once the subject was extricated they were transported to a local hospital by EMS.

During this incident it became quickly evident to first responders that the roadway was becoming very dangerous to travel on especially on the westbound side of the bypass between Reeceville Rd and Route 82 where several more accidents began to occur all from what appeared to be icing conditions. As crews cleared the initial accident they began to respond to the other accidents to check on any injuries and render any assistance needed.

Due to the icing of the roadway and the heavy traffic flow due to the Super Bowl, Traffic 38 along with Utility 38 and Fire Police shut down the westbound side of the bypass at Reeceville Rd. This allowed crews a chance to work safely without worrying about more accidents occurring and would allow Penndot to salt the roadway making it safer for travel again. The roadway remained closed on the westbound side for several hours.

As crews were just about to clear up from the bypass another accident with entrapment was dispatched this time on Kings Highway in the area of Kingswood Ln. Once again Chief, Deputy, Assistant, Rescue, Traffic and Utility 38 all responded. Caln PD arrived on scene first followed by Thorndale Fire Units. Unfortunately this turned out to be a very serious accident and the sole occupant had not made it. At that time the scene was turned over to Caln PD and Thorndale units provided assistance by shutting down the roadway and providing lighting with our portable light tower.

Crews returned to station and had all the equipment back in service by approx 0430.

Units: Chief 38, Assistant 38, Deputy 38, Traffic 38, Rescue 38, Utility 38, PLT38
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