Fire Police provide Traffic Control for Parade
By Fire Police Officer Mark Walsh
February 8, 2018

On Thursday morning the day started off like no other day for Thorndale Fire Police. It wasn't for an accident or fire or any type of incident at all. This time it was for something that has never happened in Philadelphia history. Earlier in the week the Philadelphia Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl and on this morning thousands of Chester County residents converged on the Thorndale Train Station as early as 4am to wait for a ride to Center City to see the first ever Super Bowl Championship Parade in Philadelphia.

Thorndale Fire Police arrived at 4am to assist with traffic, parking and crowd control. Crews had previously set up the message board on Lincoln Highway by the Wawa and placed the light tower by the train station to light up the area to make it safer for people standing in line. Crews also deployed traffic cones and flares on South Bailey Rd to slow down traffic as it approached the huge line of parade goers.

Once all the equipment was set up fire police officers went into the Septa Parking lot to help people find open parking spots to ensure the entire lot got filled properly. Once the lot was filled which happened very quickly it was blocked off and cars were sent to the K-Mart parking lot to park there. Other Fire Police in attendance assisted with pedestrian traffic. At one point the line stretched from the platform of the train station up South Bailey Rd to Westerham Rd which is approx. 1700ft.

Thorndale Fire Police were on location until approx. 8am when all the riders had safely gotten onto trains and were on their way to the parade to see history.

Units: Traffic 38, Utility 38, Traffic Sign Board 38, Portable Light Tower 38