The Five Minute Drill
By Lieutenant Sean Barron
June 23, 2018

This past week, the crew gathered to drill on first arriving measures taken upon a response to a fire. A measurement of how well your crew performs fundamental fireground skills is whether or not they have to think of the steps in order to accomplish them. Our goal is to become unconsciously competent. We know that what we do upon the first minutes of any emergency can set us up for success or failure.

This weeks drill was the Five Minute Drill where we specifically practiced hitting the hydrant, laying into the scene, making hose connections, deploying and advancing hose lines while communicating with each member on the incident. The crew would then "pack it all up" and run it again. We performed multiple evolutions. The last evolution of the evening was a simulated commercial building fire where the crews were directed by Asst. Taylor. The Engine pulled into the hydrant and made the connection with a pony section of 5” hose. Asst. Taylor instructed the crew to lead off with the deck gun and then deploy the Blitz Fire for extended exterior operations. After each evolution the crews briefed each other on what the saw, how they felt it went both good and bad, and ways to improve for the next run.

Units: Engine 38, Rescue 38, Traffic 38,