Thank You to SWI
By Lieutenant Sean Barron
December 15, 2018

Volunteer fire companies have always relied on the support of the community they serve, and this article is an example of how a community business has done just that. A big Thank You to Service Wholesale Incorporated.

The Thorndale Fire Company recently received a grant with the help of former state Senator John Rafferty which allowed us to repair a much need engine bay floor. In order to proceed with the repairs, everything in the engine bay needed to be relocated. Some items were easy but other were complex and required technical help. One item in particular that required assistance in its relocation was the air compressor used by the fire company to refill the firefighters air tanks. This piece of equipment weighs several hundred pounds. Service Wholesale Incorporated (SWI) provided their time and equipment to get the job done and help us replace the compressor on a Saturday morning after the floor work was complete. Of course, we have to also mention the Caln Township Police Dept that graciously donated the space to house the compressor while the work was being done.

The website of SWI says, “Service with Integrity” and goes on to say “…We pride ourselves in having the best service and product offering in the area. Given the wide variety of suppliers we have access to, chances are if we don’t have an item in stock we can order it for you. If we have no access we will gladly tell you who does.” This type of business mentality is based on providing exceptional service to their customers.

Our volunteers are usually responding to the needs of the community, but today it was SWI that provided the service and responded to the needs of the volunteers. Thank you to the team at SWI for stepping in when we needed the assistance.

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