Santa Claus to Visit Caln Township on Saturday December 14th
December 3, 2019

As many of our residents know, Santa Claus usually comes to Caln Township a few weeks before Christmas Day to spread holiday cheer. He usually reaches out to his friends here at the Thorndale Volunteer Fire Company to help escort him around the township on a fire engine to visit all the children. With Santa’s very busy schedule, we weren’t sure if was going to have the time to visit, but a letter arrived in the mail at the firehouse from Mrs. Claus asking for our help. Below is the letter we received:

Dear Thorndale Volunteer Fire Company Friends,

On behalf of Santa Claus, he will be making a special stop in Caln Township on Saturday December 14th to visit all the children before the big holiday season. It has been a very busy year, but Santa is excited to come visit the children in Caln Township. I would like to ask my friends at the Thorndale Volunteer Fire Company to help take Santa around on one of your fire engines as you have done in years past to deliver the candy canes to the children.

Santa would like to start traveling the neighborhoods at 8:00 AM on Saturday December 14th. The fire engine will need to blow its sirens and have the lights flashing, so the children know he is coming. Please ask everyone to keep an open ear for the siren if you would like to see Santa. Feel free to come out and say hello, but keep in mind that he has a very busy schedule and has a lot of children to see so he may not be able to stop and visit every child. Expect a very holly, jolly Santa as I have been feeding him very well this year (lots of cookies and milk, his favorite snack).

Hopefully your Firefighters are able to help me again this year!
Happy Holidays!
Mrs. Claus

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide exact times for when he’ll be visiting each street, but we can tell you to keep alert between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Unfortunately Santa has many other events to attend, but we will make it a point to visit all streets in Caln Township during the time Santa has scheduled for us.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday December 14th!