Working House Fire Assist to Downingtown
By Thorndale Fire Company
June 29, 2020

Just after 11:30pm on Monday June 29th Engine 38 was dispatched as part of the first alarm structure assignment to assist the Downingtown Fire Department with a reported house fire in the 100blk of Lake Dr in Downingtown Borough.

MICU 46-1 arrived shortly after dispatch and reported a one-story single-family dwelling fire and smoke showing from Side Alpha and Bravo and recommended a working fire dispatch. With that report Assistant 46 requested the assignment be upgraded to a working fire bringing additional units to the scene to assist. Assistant 46 arrived established Lake Drive Command and assigned Deputy 38 the operations role.

Tower 45 was the first arriving apparatus on scene and took a position in the front of the residence and stretched the front bumper attack line to begin knocking down the fire coming from the garage area. Engine 46-2 arrived next, secured a water supply and crews advanced an additional attack line to the inside of the structure.
Engine 47-2, Engine 49-2 and Engine 38 arrived shortly after and crews went inside to assist Engine 46-2 crews with suppression and search efforts. The crew from Engine 38 advanced an additional attack line from Engine 47-2 to begin fire suppression and opening on division 1 of the residence.

Luckily all residents were able to make it safely out of the home. Suppression crews were able to bring the well-advanced fire under control in less than 40 minutes. Crews remained on scene for several hours checking for additional hotspots and clearing remaining debris for Chester County Fire Marshall Investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this incident. Photos from various sources including IrishEyez Photography and Chesco Fire Photography.

Units: Chief 38, Deputy 38, Utility 38, Engine 38