Back to Back Accidents for Station 38
By Thorndale Fire Company
October 2, 2020

On Friday October 2nd around 14:15 hours Station 38, Engine 43-2 (Coatesville FD), Engine 76 (VA FD), 41 Ambulance (Washington Hose EMS) and Medic 93 (Brandywine Hospital) were dispatched to the area of N Caln Rd and Ridgeview Circle for an Auto Accident with Entrapment. CCDES Director Murphy who lives in the area was first on the scene and confirmed entrapment in a single vehicle.

Engine 43-2 and Engine 76 arrived on the scene and began patient extrication. Utility and Engine 38 arrived, and their crews assisted with extrication. Fire Police from Station 38 and Station 41 were dispatched to close Caln Road at Blackhorse Hill Road and Jennifer Drive. Penn Dot was requested for sand to control the diesel fuel spill leaking along both lanes of the roadway. EMS transported one patient to a nearby Trauma Hospital and the fire units went available. The scene was then turned over to Caln Police Department and Penn Dot.

As Station 38 units were returning to station from N Caln Rd, a second accident was dispatched for the area of Humpton Rd and Municipal Drive. Engine and Utility 38 made the response and arrived to find a motorcycle versus an SUV. EMS evaluated two patients for injuries and later determined that the patients were not in need of transporting to a local hospital. Station 38 remained on scene for a brief period directing traffic around the incident as well as clearing the roadway of debris. The scene was once again turned over to Caln PD and Station 38 went available.

*Photos courtesy of IrishEyez Photography

Units: Squad 38, Utility 38, Engine 38, 38 Fire Police
Mutual Aid: Engine 43-2, Engine 76, Traffic 41, Ambulance 41-4, MICU 93