Assist to East Brandywine on Working House Fire with Entrapment
By Thorndale Fire Company
October 6, 2020

On Tuesday evening just after 9pm Station 38 along with numerous mutual aid companies were dispatched to assist Station 49 (East Brandywine) on a house fire with entrapment in the 1100 block of Horseshoe Pike. As chief officers from Station 49 responded, Chester County 911 Dispatch advised that they were receiving multiple calls of a working fire and at least one resident trapped.

Assistant 49 arrived first with a 3 story residential with fire showing and requested the working fire dispatch. Bystanders and East Brandywine Police Department officers were able to locate and remove the trapped occupant from the structure. Chief 49 arrived on location and established Horseshoe Pike Command and requested a Fire Police Task Force to close Horseshoe Pike.

Station 49 apparatus made a quick response and deployed numerous hose lines quickly containing the fire. As Engine 38 arrived on location, command requested their crew pull an additional handline to the rear of the structure. Engine 38’s crew stretched an additional handline off Engine 49-5 and advanced the line to the rear of the structure. Fire Ground Operations changed the assignment for Engine 38’s crew, to perform an additional search and ventilate the 2nd and 3rd floors. Engine 38’s crew searched both floors, ventilated and checked for additional fire spread on those floors.
Fire Police from Station 38 assisted in closing Horseshoe Pike at Corner Ketch Rd. Station 38 operated on scene for a little over an hour before being released by command.

Photos from various sources including IrishEyez Photography and SMac Emergency Services Photography.

Units: Chief 38, Deputy38, Traffic 38, Engine 38
Mutual Aid: 45 (Alert), Engine 76 (VA Hospital), Engine 46 (Minquas), Engine 39 (West Bradford), Engine 48-5 (Glen Moore), 33 (Honey Brook), MICU 244-1 (Westwood), Numerous Area Fire Police