Dryer Fire in the Fairways
By Thorndale Fire Company
November 22, 2020

On Sunday November 22 around 14:30 hours Station 38 was alerted to the 300 block of 1st Montgomery Blvd in the Fairways section of Caln Township for an appliance fire reported as a dryer. Initial reports indicated the dryer was on fire with heavy smoke inside and occupants were evacuating. Chief and Deputy 38 responded and received the report from Chester County Fire Radio that Caln Police Department was on scene with smoke showing from the exterior of the structure. With that report, Chief 38 requested that the assignment be upgraded to the building fire response. This re-alerted Station 38 and brought additional units from VA Hospital FD, Coatesville FD, East Brandywine FC, Wagontown FC and Lionville FC.

Chief 38 arrived on scene confirming the report and established 1st Montgomery Command. Engine 38 with a crew of 4 made the response shortly after the upgrade dispatch. Engine 38 arrived on scene, secured their own water supply with hydrant in front of the building and stretched 1 3/4inch handline into the structure. Engine 76 arrived, and crews were sent to adjacent apartments to check for potential fire extension. Ladder 41-1 arrived and stood-by on scene briefly before being released by Command. The situation was quickly brought under control and Command held the assignment to 38 units for ventilation of the structure minor overhaul operations. Command was terminated a short time later and Station 38 units were made available from the scene.

Photos from numerouse sources including IrishEyez Photography, SMac Emergency Services Photography, Chesco fire rescue photography

Units: Chief 38, Deputy 38, Squad 38, Engine 38
Mutual Aid: Coatesville FD, VA Hospital FD, East Brandywine FC, Wagontown FC, Lionville FC