Residential Fire in Barley Sheaf Farms
By Thorndale Fire Company
January 13, 2021

On Wednesday January 13th shortly after 7pm, as crews were gathering for the start of our weekly training night, Station 38 was dispatched along with several other departments to reported house fire in the 300 Block of Barclay Street in the Barley Sheaf Farms section of Caln Township.

Chief, Deputy, Utility, Engine and Rescue 38 responded shortly after dispatch with 13 volunteers. Deputy 38 arrived and reported a smoke condition inside the residence. Chief 38 arrived and established command. Engine 38 arrived as the first due Engine and stretched a 1 3/4 handling to the front door while Rescue 38 and laid a supply line into the scene from a nearby hydrant. As Engine 76 and Engine 49-5 arrived, crews from each were sent to assist Engine 38’s crew.

Crews found smoke throughout the house and were told there was a dehumidifier running in a crawl space under the house and believe it had caught on fire. Crews opened the floor to check for any extension and used fans to clear the smoke from the residence. Units were held on scene for a brief period before being released from the incident by Command.

Photos from numerous sources including IrishEyez Photography, SMac Emergency Services Photography, Chesco fire rescue photography

Units: Chief 38, Deputy 38, Utility 38, Traffic 38, Engine 38, Rescue 38
Mutual Aid: Coatesville FD, VA Hospital FD, East Brandywine FC, Wagontown FC, Lionville FC, Minquas FC EMS