Marshall Circle Kids Clear Snow From Fire Hydrants
February 3, 2021

While many parents were out clearing driveways and sidewalks following Monday’s snowstorm, some Marshall Circle youngsters were busy clearing fire hydrants of snow to provide faster access to hydrants should they be needed in an emergency.

A huge thank you to Mason and Olivia Lane and to Liam and Reagan Brady. These kids took the time and worked together to clear the fire hydrants following the snowstorm. They provided a valuable contribution not only to the public safety of Marshall Circle residents, but also to the Thorndale Volunteer Fire Company. Both the residents and the emergency responders appreciate and gratefully acknowledge their efforts.

The parents Ken and Stephanie Lane and John and Cara Brady can be very proud of the effort their children provided to the neighborhood.

With weeks of winter still left, all township residents are encouraged to clear snow within three feet of any fire hydrants in your neighborhood. Those efforts could save emergency responders valuable minutes when responding to an emergency..


Donna Brown-Wikert February 05, 2021 at 5:51 PM
Those kids are such good kids, always willing to help. Good Job and Thank You!